Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Vision

Healthy children and adults, supportive families, thriving communities.

Our Mission

Dedicated to protecting and strengthening the well-being of the community through development of effective policies, practices, and services delivered in a culturally and linguistically competent manner.

Our Core Values 

1) HHSA sponsors services and policies that are: collaborative, community-driven, evidence-based.

2) HHSA promotes service delivery that is: culturally competent, respectful, a model of excellence.

3) HHSA supports a work environment that demonstrates: diversity, integrity, accountability, teamwork and mutual respect, staff development and recognition.

Agency News

Cooling Centers

Cooling Centers

Voluntary Cooling Centers are operated throughout Tulare County during the summer months. For a map, locations, and additional information, click below...

Residents Returning to Wildfire Impacted Areas

Residents Returning to Wildfire Impacted Areas

Tulare County Public Health Department advises residents returning to communities impacted by wildfires to take caution upon returning to their homes. Always be aware of your surroundings, and ...

Excessive Heat - What to Do

Excessive Heat - What to Do

When temperatures are forecasted to reach 105 degrees and evening temperatures stay at 80 degrees for at least three consecutive days, Tulare County Public Health reminds community members to focus on staying cool and avoiding heat reactions.