Problem Resolution & Advocacy

Problem Resolution & Advocacy

Tulare County Mental Health

24-Hour Crisis and Access Lines
Mental Health Crisis Line:  1-800-320-1616
Substance Use Disorder Access Line: 1-866-732-4114

Problem Resolution (Grievances and Appeals)
Mental Health: 1-800-500-4465
Substance Use Disorder: 1-833-433-4988


Problem Resolution

Mental Health:                        1-800-500-4465
Substance Use Disorder:       1-833-433-4988

Tulare County Mental Health programs strive to provide excellent services to all consumers of behavioral health services. When you, as a client or family member of a client, are not satisfied with services being provided, we will work to resolve any problems or concerns you may have.

You have the right to file a grievance by submitting a Grievance Form or contacting the Problem Resolution Coordinator — a licensed clinician who will coordinate the investigation of your grievance.

When an appeal is received, a second opinion will be requested in regard to the services in question and, in the meantime, the client may request to keep receiving his or her current services.


Family Advocate

Contact                                    (559) 624-7449

The Family Advocate provides information, education, support, and referrals to community resources to family caregivers as they navigate mental health services in Tulare County by:

  • Providing information and education on:
  • Mental health services and staff
  • Family participation in treatment
  • Confidentiality limitations
  • Coping skills, self-care, and stress management
  • Advocating for families, including facilitation of communication with service providers
  • Assisting families with concerns and/or complaints regarding mental health services
  • Assisting families in finding services and resources for themselves as supporters

The Family Advocate CANNOT:

  • Provide therapy services
  • Release confidential information to family members without the client’s consent
  • Make decisions for family members
  • Force a client receiving services to do anything against their will


Patient Rights Advocate

Contact                                    1-800-905-5597

The Patients’ Right Advocate (PRA) represents, promotes, and informs all mental health consumers residing in a mental health hospital of their rights and protections available under Federal and State laws and regulations.

The PRA will not form an opinion about your concerns but, rather, will spend time with you to make sure they understand your concerns and help you to communicate those concerns to the treatment team and provide support during your hospital stay.


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