Vaccine Administration

 Download Registration List from PrepMod


 Confirm recipient eligibility

Confirm registration

Verify contraindications and precautions to vaccination.


 Prepare vaccine prior to administration



 Expiration Dates and COVID-19 vaccines

The expiration date should be checked prior to preparing or administering the vaccine. Expired vaccine or diluent should NEVER be used. As additional stability data become available, the expiration dates for some products may change. Follow the instructions below to determine the expiration date:

  • ModernaCOVID-19 vaccine: To determine the expiration date, providers can scan the QR code located on the vial or carton or access the manufacturer’s website directly, enter the lot number and the expiration date will be displayed. CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Expiration Date Tracking Tool can help providers keep track of the expiration date by lot number.
  • Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: This vaccine product has an expiration date located on the vaccine vial. CDC will be updating VTrckS effective immediately to replace the placeholder date in VTrckS with the actual expiration date.
 Ensure staff administering vaccine are following the Seven (7) Rights of vaccine administration:

 Right patient

 Right time

 Right medication

 Right dose

 Right route and technique

 Right site

 Right documentation



Report all administration errors per facility protocol and take corrective action immediately. Report vaccine errors to the Vaccine Error Reporting Program (VERP)

Report any adverse reactions to VAERS and document per your facility's protocol.

Report any needlestick injuries per facility protocol and refer for medical treatment and evaluation if needed.

Encourage staff and residents to enroll in v-safe


V-Safe: Get Vaccinated Flyer - 2-Page Flyer1-Page Summary

 Dispose of used needles and syringes in sharps containers immediately after vaccination


 Document vaccines administered in PrepMod and update Vaccine Finder and CAIR



 Provide Patient with Documentation of Vaccination



 Monitor vaccine recipients for the recommend duration after vaccination for adverse reactions


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