Community Warm Line

Community Warm Line

Are you, or is someone you know, experiencing any of the following symptoms:

-  Anxiety or loneliness
-  Family or relationship difficulties
-  Symptoms of mental illness
-  Loss of a job
-  Health concerns
-  Abuse
-  Alcohol or drug abuse

When you need to talk to someone about your anxieties or concerns, try the Tulare County Warm Line. The Warm Line is a number you can call when you need to speak with someone who will listen to your concerns without judgment or criticism. The Warm Line is staffed by people who have experienced the same kinds of issues a caller might have. Staff are bilingual English-Spanish and are there to assist by listening, encouraging, and being supportive. Your call is anonymous and confidential. And it’s toll-free.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and have thoughts of harming yourself or others, call 911.

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