Mental Health

Mental Health

The Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency (HHSA) Department of Mental Health provides services for residents who are experiencing symptoms of mental illness. Both County-operated clinics and community-based clinics provide services ranging from outpatient to long-term care. Together, these programs create a system of care for individuals of all ages experiencing mental health problems. Mental health services are provided in several languages. 

Our goal is to help you avoid hospitalization and help you live and thrive within your community. To do so we use a “whatever it takes” approach to support the wellness and recovery process.

Tulare County provides services at two adult mental health clinics—one in Visalia and one in Porterville—and one children’s clinic, in Porterville. We work with community-based providers to make mental health services available throughout the county.

Mental health services may include:

-  Individual, group, and family therapy
-  Psychiatric evaluation, consultation, and medication support
-  Crisis emergency assistance
-  Health care referrals
-  Services at school for children and youth
-  Substance abuse and mental health coordinated services

Mental health case managers work to provide connections to other services that may help consumers live independently within the community.

We also maintain two large, recreational-type vehicles that are used as mobile clinics, making it much easier for our rural populations to get access to therapy, education, peer support, medication guidance, and health screenings. And our One-Stop Centers, of which there is one each in northern, central, and southern Tulare County, provide youth ages 12 – 24 with not only mental health services but also employment opportunities, training in life skills like budgeting, cooking, and self-care, and referrals to a wide array of other helpful services.