Radon is a Health Hazard

Radon is a health hazard that you can put a stop to. Radon is an unscented, radioactive gas that is produced by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water.

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2017 Walk with a Doc Program

Walk with a Doc is a free community outreach program, which strives to encourage healthy physical activity in people of all ages.

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AB 2062 positively impacts CalWORKs families

On September 29, 2016, the Governor signed AB 2062 which will positively impact families receiving CalWORKs benefits.

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Drought Status Updates

Drought status updates for the public are now hosted weekly on the Tulare County Emergency site under the "Drought" heading.

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Flu Vaccinations and Preventive Efforts are Strongly Urged

Vaccinations and preventive efforts are strongly urged as the flu continues to circulate in Tulare County.

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When everyday tasks such as cooking dinner, climbing stairs, or managing your medical appointments become too difficult for you to do on your own, the Multi-Purpose Senior Services Program, also known as MSSP, might be able to help.

MSSP helps Medi-Cal recipients age 65 and over to continue living in their own homes by arranging for help with:

  • Chores, like house cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Personal care, such as bathing, brushing teeth, and getting dressed
  • Medication reminders or help with taking medications
  • Home safety modifications

MSSP nurses and social workers help you to connect with community services that might be available to you, such as home-delivered meals, day care, or counseling. Sometimes, MSSP can arrange for someone to provide your care for a short time so that your caregiver can take a break or run errands.

Please give us call for more information about MSSP services and eligibility.